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We seek resilience.
We provide opportunity.

Backbone Partners invests in immigrant founded technology companies from day one

Investment Criteria


We believe immigrants have the resilience, drive and passion it takes to succeed. Our mission is to accelerate success through our active support and networks.
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Immigrant Founded

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We focus on fast scaling technology companies as this is where our expertise lies. Our Venture Partners include successful technology company founders and investors who provide active support.

Technology Companies

We invest at the earliest stage. We invest in lines not dots, so we want to get to know founders and their competitive advantage as well as our ability to add value before investing.
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Day One

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Great business ideas start in Australia and we’re focussed on companies solving global problems with global opportunities.

Global Ambition

We dive deep into your competitive advantage. We work hard to support founders with our network but the key to success is the unique expertise that only founders can bring.
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Competitive Advantage

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We seek products that customers will love, not like. An indispensable product that your customers can’t live without because it solves a meaningful problem beautifully.

Customer Love

About Us


Our Team

Experienced technology sector investors and operators

Our team has a combination of investment, advisory and operational experience in the early stage technology sector that makes us uniquely placed to invest in, and support, world class founders. 

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Founding Partner

Daniel Veytsblit

Daniel is a hands-on active investor who uses the skills and knowledge gained as both a founder and a capital / strategic advisor to add-value through growth strategies and operational improvements. He maintains close relationships with corporates and venture capital investors globally which assists investees with growth and capital raising.

Daniel has invested in over 50 early stage companies across over 20 sectors and nine countries. He has 15 years experience across venture capital, funds management, investment banking and investment consulting. Daniel advises early stage companies as an advisory board member and consultant while also assisting family offices and corporates on their innovation strategy and venture investments.

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Our Manifesto

Immigrant founders are Australia’s heroes

Going about their days in relentless pursuit of growth

and prosperity


They’re the makers


Progression drivers

Restless underdogs


It’s their resilience that has seen immigrants build up our nation and make Australia the vibrant, thriving and dynamic country it is today


Now, it’s time we shine a light on this group

Get behind immigrant founders, empowering them to go forward and prosper

Because when they succeed, so do we

It’s time to invest in the backbone of Australia
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Contact Us - Founders

Founders, are you seeking advice or investment?

We invest in lines not dots; we prefer to build a relationship with founders before we invest.

We respond to all enquiries as we believe your network should not be a barrier to seeking capital at an early stage.

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